photo courtesy of Michael Sprague

Can you move to Cape Breton?  Yes you can.  And we would love to have you. 


Cape Breton is one of the most affordable housing markets in North America.  This means, when you compare the average annual household income, with the average price of a house. For example:

In Cape Breton, the average house price is about double the average annual household income.  In Vancouver, it is 8 times as much.  In Hong Kong, it is 17 times as much!

Have a look at some of our local real estate listings.  Here are the properties listed with Valarie Sampson from RE/MAX - Park Place.  We've dealt with Valarie both buying and selling, she's great.  Very organized, and knows the market inside and out (especially waterfront!).   You can find other listings here.


You will find our education system similar to yours.  Kids start in kindergarten, progress through elementary, enter the middle school model, then off to high school.  There are also a number of alternatives as well such as Montessori School.


Canada's online immigration tools are excellent and easy to use.  You can get started, here.


In Cape Breton, income is taxed by the federal and provincial governments.  There is also a sales tax called the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax).  You can find out about the provincial component of income tax here.  Information of federal income tax can be found here.  For What is included, and exempt from sales tax, look here.