Finding Baleine

There are places at the edge of the world that pull you up and out of your self by the hair.  They reach in, unlatch your heart from the tendons of memory and want, and throw the crimson-colored center of you into the splash and thunder of the waves.  Call it a cleansing or a […]

The Good Life: Waiting for the Gaspereau

In the mottled light under the canopy of alders and maple leaves, thousands of Gaspereau swim against the current  in Cape Breton’s rivers on their way home to their spawning grounds. In early Spring, the Gaspereau set out from their ocean homes and their fulsome meals of plankton and tiny insects on a legacy mission. […]

Life on the Mira River

By Sher Maryn LeBay It is full summer in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, a place I have lived for more than five years. The Canadians in Tucson packed their cars in mid March and drove north; so too, the Americans who grew up in snow globes or rain-pelted worlds and craved more sunlight than such places afford. […]

First Feelings

By Sher Maryn LeBay In so many ways, the journey was inconceivable: a woman with two older dogs setting out with every crevice of her car filled, maneuvering the jam-packed American highways en-route to a place she had never been. It wasn’t a vacation or even anything as exotic sounding as adventure travel that prompted her […]