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- Is this for real?


- Is this a joke?


- What is the housing situation in Cape Breton?

You'll find it one of the, if not the most affordable in North America!  If you want to take a look at some of the latest listings, there is a large variety you can see here with RE/MAX - Park Place.

Other Cape Breton real estate listing can be found here

- How do I immigrate to Canada?

The process has changed, some people say it is much less complex, get started here

- How do I become a Dual Citizen?

Every country decides whom it considers to be a citizen. If more than one country recognizes you as a citizen, you have dual citizenship.Find out more here

- Is this a special program you are offering?

No.  There is no special program.  The immigration process would happen in the conventional way.  The purpose of the web site was to show that if you are interested in coming to Canada, that Cape Breton Island would be a place where you would be welcomed with open arms!

- Can retirees immigrate?

There are many paths to permanent residency and citizenship, you can find your eligibility here

- Do I need to be wealthy to move there?

There are many factors that go into determining if one can immigrate to Canada, you can find your own eligibility here

- What is the economic climate of your area? 

Cape Breton's economy has suffered for many years.  In the past we depended on coal mines and steel production, but now those industries are gone.  We have a burgeoning IT sector, and there are some great new tech businesses starting up here.

- What jobs are available?

It is true, unemployment is high here, but some areas are growing, and some skilled workers are in demand!  Our current jobs listings can be found here and

- What about investment opportunities?

 There are many ways to invest!  Because of an aging population, and out-migration, many family owned businesses find themselves with no succession options.   Cape Breton Partnership will be able to answer any questions you have about investing here.  

- Can I still collect disability/social security if I move to Canada?

Disability benefit payment depends on the type of benefit.  For social security, there is a list of countries where you can still collect your benefit no matter how long you live outside the USA.  They answer this question on page 4 of this document

- What is the cost of living in Cape Breton?

This website talks about the price of of common items.  It is important to remember that because of the difference in the value of our currency, these values can be misleading.  Check the latest currency values here

- Can I bring my guns to Canada

Other than long-guns used for hunting, guns, and gun crime are very, very rare in Cape Breton.  You can find out how to bring guns into the country here.  To find out more about our gun laws, click here.

- Can I bring my pets to Canada?

We love our pets too!  You can find out about taking animals into the country here.

 - Tell me more about Cape Breton Island

The fine folks at destination Cape Breton would be happy to answer any questions you have about Cape Breton, find them here

- How is your government structured?

Wow, well, it is based on the British Parliamentary system.  We have a Prime Minister as opposed to a President.  Cape Breton is in the Province of Nova Scotia, which has a similar system, and on Cape Breton are 5 municipal governments.

 - Why are you doing this?

Our population is shrinking.  A slow economy, in combination with out-migration has us on an unsustainable path.  The truth is we welcome all, no matter the ideology.  We have a beautiful island, a friendly people, a rich culture and a bright future.  Join us here on Cape Breton Island!